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A Smarter Way To Play

Learning made easy.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be mommy, a papa of two, an aunt or uncle to the cutest kid ever, it can be downright overwhelming to know what kind of toys babies need. Instead of aimlessly wandering up and down the aisles of a big box store and shopping for a toy with all the bells and whistles, wouldn’t it be nice to get one monthly box filled with toys and activities focused on intellectual play?

We thought so.

Which is why we set out to tailor a box of tools specifically for your baby to reach milestones and cultivate a positive learning environment from the very day you bring home your bundle of joy.

“I usually have the hardest time trying to find the perfect gift for my goddaughter. But when I found RocketBaby, I saw an opportunity to help her learn for years, instead of the typical gifts that last for a few days after the occasion.”
- Josh, Godfather to 11 month old
“One of the most important aspects of learning is play. With a tool like RocketBaby children are able to explore the world around them using their creativity to develop their strengths.”
- Ankita Modi, M.D., Board Certified Pediatrician
“With RocketBaby, I save so much time that I used to spend shopping for toys in stores, online, and reading endless reviews. Knowing that experts have already done the research and my kids are learning while playing is priceless!"
- Nisha, Mother of two kids under two